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Parking is at a premium at Pollard Meadows School. The parking lot is reserved for EPSB staff only. Parents should be using the parking available on the street surrounding the school for pick up and drop off of students.  Parents are advised the bus zone is located directly in front of the school and marked by signs on each end, is strictly for school buses and marked daycare vans. 

Student Safety

Student safety is a priority. Please ensure that you are using the sidewalks and walkways when dropping off or picking up your child. Walking through the parking lot during these times can be very dangerous as drivers backing in and out of the parking lot are often unable to see children in their mirrors.

Please choose safety over convenience and refrain from walking through the parking lot with your child. Please use the school ground sidewalks and walkways.

Please make sure you and your child are using the marked crosswalk to cross the street and follow the directions of our Safety Patrols. Jay-walking and coming out between parked cars is very dangerous. Please also refrain from making U-turns to turn around in our school zone.

Thank you for taking an extra minute to help keep everyone safe!

*Please note that our parking area is being monitored, and tickets will be issued.