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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    Together we accomplish more!

    At Pollard Meadows School, we are: 

    L ife-long learners who listen with care and act with purpose.

    E mpowering everyone to succeed and make a difference.

    A chieving goals and greatness together.

    D emonstrating empathy, respect and compassion to all.

    E nriching each other’s lives.

    R ecognizing the potential in everyone.

    S upporting everybody one dream at a time.

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  • Volunteering


    We encourage all parents to take an active role as partners in your children’s learning. If you would like to volunteer in your child’s classroom, please contact your child’s teacher. All volunteers are required to complete a volunteer registration form, which is available from your child’s teacher or at the school office.

    There are a number of ways that parents can become active and contributing members of our school community. As you can well imagine, the possibilities are endless! 

    • Assist with clubs & special school-wide events
    • Participate in special evening events
    • Provide support in the classroom
    • Become a guest expert
    • Join our School Council/PATT
    • Assist in the school library
    • Coordinate and assist with book fairs
    • Volunteer for field trips
    • Supporting your child’s learning through their homework, home reading and home writing.

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Welcome to the web site for Pollard Meadows School. Pollard Meadows School is a diverse learning community of over 500 students in kindergarten through grade six. We have two programs: the regular, or mainstream program, and the Cogito alternative program.

Registration information can be found under "For Parents" and then "Registration" tabs.

School Supplies can be found under "For Parents" and then "Parent Resources" tab.



Principal's Message

Welcome to Pollard Meadows School

Pollard Meadows has a proud and long history as part of Edmonton Public Schools. We continue honouring this past by working together to build students desire to pursue excellence in all facets of their education for their future.

Our goal is for every student to experience success in their learning in the 21st century. Working together in a supportive learning environment, we work to ensure our students become educated, contributing citizens in the local and global community.

Students are encouraged to develop independent learning skills, accept important personal and social responsibilities, and value individual differences. Along with a strong focus on academics in our regular and Cogito program of studies, student learning is enriched through special events and the support of our outstanding staff, parents, and School Council. Please consider how you can support your child’s school by calling and speaking to one of us or contacting a member of Council. School Council does outstanding work on behalf of all students.

We very much appreciate parent support at Pollard Meadows School.  Student growth is enhanced when everyone shares responsibility in the development and education of the child. The school has recently had a gym renovation to enhance student experiences in physical education. We also continue to enhance the school building in other ways and provide 21st century learning tools and technologies for students.

We look forward to working closely with you and your children as we continue on this journey to build a community of learners, leaders, and thinkers.

Michael O’Hara